Top 10 Famous Cats That Are Actually Canadian

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Canada. The home of Justin Bieber, Tim Hortons, and the humble Moose. A geographically large but socially small country, with more land than they know what to do with. There are only really 4 cities in the whole of Canada, regardless of what Wikipedia says. But there’s more this quaint, provincial land mass than just being the butt of South Park jokes.

Because when you’re seen as America’s older, sensible cousin, the world looks to you to bring the good news. Stories of raccoon funerals, and remixes of Daddy Trudeau saying “moistly”. And one of my absolute favourite feel good news story genres “Cats That Are Actually Canadian”.

So as an honourary Canadian, I’m delighted and proud to have had the opportunity to self publish this list of my favourite Cats That Are Actually Canadian.

Top 10 Famous Cats That Are Actually Canadian As Ranked By A Non Canadian Cat Enthusiast

1. The Mr Sandman TikTok Cat

An absolute classic of the genre, and the cat that personally got me interested in Canadian Cats. The Mr Sandman TikTok Cat is a joy and delight, much like the delicious Canadian snack: poutine. Ed, as he’s known to his friends, is from Ottawa, which is an ok place to be from I think. Overall, this cat is a good example of a famous Canadian Cat, a true homegrown legend. Unlike the entire NBA Championship Winning Team the Toronto Raptors (sports joke?).

Cat rating: 10/10 Mixed box of Timbits (minus Old Fashioned Plain)

Check out Ed’s Instagram page

2. The Cat Being Shouted At Meme Cat

The cat that is being shouted at is actually called Smudge, but don’t let that ruin it for you. Smudge is also from Ottawa. I’m not sure what they’re putting in the Temptations over there but maybe it’s worth considering a relocation, if you’re trying to get your cat into the bizz. Smudge is a great cat and a great meme, highly approve of this famous Canadian cat.

Cat rating: 10/10 Justin Trudeau’s being late for a press conference

Check out Smudge’s Instagram page

3. Marshall

It’s been a hot minute since Marshall made the news, but for those of you who can’t remember Marshall is a cat who lives in a condo in downtown Toronto who became famous for being called Marshall. When the folks over at Shopify noticed the cutie pie from their office window, they just had to find out more. Marshall embodies everything it means to be a Torontonian, and we thank him for his commitment to repping the 6ix worldwide.

Cat rating: 10/10 unaffordable downtown Condo developments

4. Cat That Went Over Niagara Falls In A Barrel

Niagara falls is both pretty impressive, and pretty Canadian. But did you know in 1901 a cat went over Niagara Falls in a barrel? The cat lived, apparently, but was very injured. This isn’t actually a nice story. Are we sure the cat wasn’t American? I just checked and the cat was American. Let’s scratch this one.

Cat rating: 0/10 Vancouver-Toronto rivalries

4.5. Tuxedo Stan

Tuxedo Stan was a real Canadian Cat who ran for Mayor of Halifax, NS. I’ve never been to Nova Scotia, but no part of this story surprises me. He didn’t win, because he lacked a birth certificate which meant that he couldn’t officially be on the ballot. But he won the election of cuteness in all of our hearts, amirite fellas? Making a large but mostly ineffective and inoffensive political statement is one of the most Canadian things you can do and for that reason, Tuxedo Stan is the real hero of the True North.

Cat rating: 10/10 it does matter if Vancouver declares election results or not because of how time zones work we already knew who won welcome back J.T.s

5. BenBen The Saddest Cat On The Internet

BenBen is The Saddest Cat On The Internet and he’s from BC. He’s not actually sad, he just looks sad. He’s pretty cute. I’d never heard of him but apparently he was in a documentary that was on Netflix so he must be famous. There’s nothing remarkably Canadian about BenBen, but I guess he is from BC. Anyway, neat cat.

Cat rating: 10/10 Toques

Check out BenBen’s Instagram page

6. Cat That Saw A Snake

The Cat That Saw A Snake really spoke to all of us on the world wide web, because we too are freaked out by snakes. Why are they like that? They move weird. Don’t like it. The cat is very handsome and very comedic. Very funny video. Canadians aren’t known for being particularly funny, but every so often you get a gem like Schitts Creek or Seth Rogan. This cat is the Seth Rogan of Cats That Are Actually Canadian. Good work, Cat That Saw A Snake.

Cat rating: 10/10 shows that are set in New York but actually film outside that one building in Toronto

7. Atchoum

The internet tells me that Atchoum went famous in 2015 for looking like a werewolf, and oh boy does he look like a werewolf. Really cool! I don’t know anything about Atchoum but I’m following him on Insta now. His bio says Can/US but honestly I’m struggling for numbers so I’ll take it. Just like Canada took ownership of Justin Bieber but sometimes we pretend otherwise like when he tried to make Yummy happen and nobody did his TikTok challenge. Anyway follow Atchoum! Cute and actually sort of Canadian!

Cat rating: 10/10 Alex Trebeks

Check out Atchoum’s Instagram page


Ok so I set out to discover 10 Famous Cats That Are Actually Canadian but honestly, I topped out at 7. There’s the cat who rode the TTC, but was he famous outside of the GTA? I’m not sure. I don’t think he should count. Honestly, even BenBen seemed like a stretch. He’s famous, sure. But he’s not like, Drake famous. Marshall famous. Montreal entitlement famous. You know?

Anyway that’s my list of Top 10 Famous Cats That Are Actually Canadian, hope you enjoyed reading! Let me know in a comment who your favourite Cat That Is Actually Canadian is!

British lass in Canada, writing about politics, pop culture, feminism, class, being a millennial, telly, and myself. Tweet me @blerhgh

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