How This Young Artist Made a Name For Themself With Nothing But The Clothes On Their Back and a Well Hidden Family Fortune

Photo by Joe on Unsplash

Breaking into any industry is a daunting task, but for This Young Artist even more so.

“It was tough when I started out, you know? People just weren’t interested in a person like me. I got rejected from so many opportunities (1) before I found a team who really believed in me.”

As the only child of Famous Actor and Director Couple, times were hard for This Young Artist in the early days. Having been suspended from private school, they were forced to find an alternative education through art and a well paid Nanny.

“Following my dream of being A Young Artist was something that was really important to me, but my parents were skeptical at first. They gave me one year and half a million dollars and told me ‘make it work or get a real job’. That sort of pressure was very crushing early on in my career, knowing that I didn’t have a fall back option.”

But this ultimatum ultimately proved itself as the kick-up-the-backside This Young Artist needed. Using only their generous allowance, one off financial contribution, extensive network of parents industry contacts, and dedication they’ve managed to create a name for themselves.

“I worry that people think that I’m only famous because my parents are Famous Actor and Director Couple, but I really want to be seen as an artist in my own right. My art is so much more than that — that’s why I’ve chosen to change my last name and not publicly acknowledge my famous parents.”

Their first project was released to mass critical acclaim, and their career shows no sign of slowing down. Now back with a follow up project, in collaboration with Famous Godfather and Famous Family Friend, This Young Artist is certainly one to watch.

Asked what advice they’d give to any other Aspiring Young Artists they summed it all up:

“You can achieve anything you put your mind to.”