You know that cow Damien Hirst put in that tank? That’s how I feel a lot of the time. In perpetual suspended animation. Kinda like a space ship in orbit around a decaying planet in a not so distant future, or like a minor but recurring character with no major plot lines in a never ending TV show.

March 2020 was five minutes ago but tomorrow is a lifetime away. I kid myself that my achievements would be much more if they weren’t shadowed by a worldwide shut down. More measurable, more braggable. I would be much more. …

ID: tire tracks through light, patchy snow on a tarmac road, the photo feels kinda sad for some reason (photo authors own)

It’s 10pm in a pandemic, and we’re all just trying our best.

When you get to your *cough* late 20s *cough* it feels like everybody you know is having babies and weddings and congratulatory house purchase postings, and it feels like an outer body experience to watch your former peers hit stages of life that you’re still miles away from. It feels like failure to not be booed up with a puppy and a Victorian terrace and an adorable baby, especially (I bet) if you grew up outside of the cities. …

Three young people stand in front of a sports car. The backdrop is an LA sunset. They are rich, young, and hot.
Bling Empire — Image from Netflix

During the last global pandemic, I feel pretty confident in saying that the world didn’t turn to Netflix for binge watching comfort, not least because the internet hadn’t been invented yet.

So it’s hard to measure our coping mechanisms against any historical baseline. What I’m trying to say is there’s literally no way of knowing if re-watching all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls in two months is healthy coping behaviour to a global pandemic or not.

But it’s undoubtedly a fact that TV has been a comfort to many, many people during these unprecedented times. From classic Office hijinks to…

Photo by me, at a party in the past

Parties are my happy place. Any mid sized gathering filled with booze and people I don’t know is heaven, to me. I love getting dressed up, making friends and small talk, and drinking half a bottle of a strangers wine. House parties, birthday parties, weddings, work dos, casual nights that turn big. I love it all.

The cruelest thing 2020 has taken from us, unarguably, is parties. I’m worried that if I don’t practice my party chat I might be a bit rusty when we’re allowed to gather again. …

header image with a burry background that is various shades of blue, the text in white reads “comfortable clothes”

In my mid twenties my body decided that it was time to prepare for childbirth. My body either didn’t know or didn’t care care that I was single. Your mid twenties, my body rationalized (I assume), is the perfect time to become a parent and we want to make sure you’re ready.

Seemingly overnight my body changed from a familiar shape into something new; wider hips, smaller waist, bigger bum, bigger belly. My body, however, decided to stick with the monthly rounds of hormonal acne and annoying body freckles, which felt like a half arsed job to me.

Women are…

I’ve long since given up pretending writing is anything other than cheap therapy. I don’t have the patience for reporting and I’m not famous and or interesting enough to make it in the personal essay world. But writing is a good way to sort through the thoughts in my head and commit them to paper. To read back and see patterns that I hadn’t considered. To be forced to identify conclusions.

I tried to write some fiction last year and I actually thought it was pretty good but I have been rejected from every single short story competition, zine, magazine…

Photo by Joe on Unsplash

Breaking into any industry is a daunting task, but for This Young Artist even more so.

“It was tough when I started out, you know? People just weren’t interested in a person like me. I got rejected from so many opportunities (1) before I found a team who really believed in me.”

As the only child of Famous Actor and Director Couple, times were hard for This Young Artist in the early days. Having been suspended from private school, they were forced to find an alternative education through art and a well paid Nanny.

“Following my dream of being A…

photo authors own

Flight or fight is a concept that explains two extreme reactions to any form of danger that mammals experience. They can choose to run away, or they can choose to stay put and fight through.

But there’s a third “f” that feels a lot more relevant at the moment: freeze.

Freezing is the animals way to pause and prepare for their next move. To immobilize themselves before making a decision. Freeze isn’t a long term solution, it’s just meant to buy more time to make an informed choice. A moment to gather and prepare.

So why does so much of…

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If you spend any amount of time on British Political Twitter, you’ve probably come across the graphical stylings of Rishi Sunak’s overeager Social Media Manager.

The kerning, the font choices, the rock star signature? It’s a lot to take in. The colour palette isn’t fixed, and the aesthetic bounces about wildly. I’m obsessed.

When I’m not chatting shit on twitter dot com, I write about design tips for clear communication, and Rishi, babe… this is not it.

When writing about accessible design in particular I always stress that you should use large fonts, regular spacing, and clean backgrounds can make…

One group of people who are impacted the most by the Coronavirus Pandemic is the world’s population of refugees and displaced people.

We analyzed the data to help paint a fuller picture of COVID-19’s impact on the refugee crisis.

The Scale of the Refugee Crisis

Infographic made on Venngage

57% of the world’s refugees come from just three countries: Syria, Afghanistan and South Sudan.

The amount of people displaced across the world has more than doubled in the last 20 years, and the trend is set to continue.

Who Are Refugees?

Refugees are people who have been forced to leave their home country and cross national borders in search of safety. …

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