5 unmissable Black Friday SaaS offers 2019

Black Friday. We know the sales are going to big, but it can be hard to know where to start. Sure, everybody knows where to check for a cheap TV or discount clothes, but did you know you can get discounts on your favourite softwares too?

And whilst splashing out on a software might not be quite as exciting as getting a bargain on plane tickets or that games console you’ve been thinking about, why would you pay full price for something you’re going to use every day if you can avoid it.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the top Black Friday offers from essential SaaS companies to make sure you make the most of the years best known shopping day:

1. Venngage — 40% off a yearly plan

Venngage is an online graphic design software for non-designers, best known for their infographic templates. But did you know with the Venngage Business account you can say goodbye to photoshop and hello to easy, beautiful designs?

Grab a Business plan for a whopping 40% off (over $300!) and never make a dull presentation, report, or mind map again.

2. StatsGlitch — 50% off 3 months

Google Analytics is a go to tool for any digital marketer, but it can sometimes be a little confusing. StatsGlitch is an essential tool for keeping track of your analytics alerts. If traffic drops too much, or starts growing too quickly — you’ll need to be reactive.

Never miss a drop in traffic again with 50% off StatsGlitch for 3 months — the perfect way to start your 2020 marketing on a strong note. Now, just imagine how much easier your big Christmas campaign will be…..

3. Reply.io — 30% off Business plans

Leads keep the world running, at least for those of us in a marketing career. But nurturing leads can be time consuming and frankly, we all have better things to be doing. That’s where automation comes in.

Reply.io lets your automate your prospecting and pitching across multiple channels to help free up your time for what’s really important: the customers.

4. HelpNinja — 30% off 3 months

Speaking of customers — imagine being able to offer quality support to all of your customers using just your Gmail account? Yep, HelpNinja lets you do that.

For small businesses who want to provide a world class customer service, but don’t have the time or resources to learn a more traditional tool; HelpNinja is a great option. With team collaboration, social inbox management, and live chat options 30% off your first 3 months of HelpNinja is an offer you don’t want to sleep on.

5. Quickbooks — Up to $200 off

Literally nobody likes managing their finances. Ok, well some people do, but a lot of people don’t. And if you’re somebody who doesn’t then this Quickbooks Black Friday offer should be music to your ears.

A trusted way to track your income and expenses, a hefty $200 Quickbooks discount might be the thing you need to get your finances nailed down in 2020. So if your New Year Resolution was to be ‘more organized’ then this offer is for you.

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